Introducing Imperial College Musical Theatre Society (MTSoc), host of spectacular shows since 1956. Whether you're hungry for an opportunity to dazzle in the spotlight, jump into the pit as part of our incredible band or work behind the scenes with costume, make-up and tech, MTSoc invites you to join us and find your niche in one of the most exciting societies Imperial has to offer.


With an ever expanding number of shows, including the full scale Spring Show, 24 hour musicals and Showcases, alongside great socials, MTSoc is a great way to get involved in something different. Previous shows include RENT, Sweeney Todd, The Rocky Horror Show, Billy Elliot, and The Producers. Below you can find a description of all our annual shows.

Upcoming shows & events

Freshers Revue

The cabaret-style Revue show is MTSoc's first production of the year and is designed to welcome newcomers into the society and give everyone a taste of what the MTSoc is about. In addition to the show, which runs towards the end of autumn term, you can expect a variety of social events throughout the year including discounted West End trips, Rockaoke and MTSoc Sports Day.

Revue 2016 Videos

Spring Show

The Spring Show is the BIG one. With competitive auditions opening just before the end of autumn term, the cast, crew and band rehearse through spring term in preparation for the society's greatest annual spectacle. Taking place in late Spring, this 'full scale' musical production is the highlight of the year for MTSoc, and for ICL's social calendar.

24 hour musical

"The 24" is wrapped in secrecy. Up until 7pm the night before the show opens, no-one knows what the show is going to be. No title, roles, songs, scripts or costumes are given away. The cast, crew and band then have only 24 hours to produce an entire musical production. It is an intense labour of love that never fails to astound the audience, and is not for the faint hearted. #noclues #massconfusion

October show

The October Show is a small-scale production hosted by members from the previous year to entertain incoming Freshers and give them a taste of what we can do. The show is part of a double bill where MTSoc collaborates with DramSoc (ICU's Drama Society), and is the perfect time for newcomers to get to know each other and the society's existing members.


School of Rock! - 24 Musical 2017


RENT - Spring Show 2017

Wild wild party

Wild wild party - Revue 2016


13! - October Show 2016

Live in living colour

Live in living colour - Revue 2015

Sweeney Todd

Sweeney Todd - Spring Show 2016

Music video

Music Video - Summer 2015

From the ashes

From the ashes - October Show 2015

The Rocky Horror Show

The Rocky Horror Show - 24 Musical 2016

Revue 2014

Revue 2014

Billy Elliot

Billy Elliot - 24 Musical 2015



George Booth

From George's previous years as a Chemical Engineering student at Imperial he thought he'd learnt not to overcommit to extra-curricular activities. He was wrong. Now in his third year, George has moved on from his role as Treasurer (and basically every other role you can find on a show's production team) and is so happy to be utilising his love for spreadsheets and email formatting as your President this year!

Roshani Abbey
Vice president

Taking on the official 'cynical 4th year' title, Roshani is cutting down on her MTSoc responsibilities as VP this year. Amidst dance, a cappella, Rockaoke, and maths (wait, a degree?), no one seems to realise that she enjoys being on stage! Roshani spends her time crocheting and reminiscing about times no current member was around to witness.

Nadya Mere

Nadya is a second year mathematician but much like the rest of the over-committee, she spends more time on MTSoc (and a cappella, because she is sometimes a snek). She is very excited to finally do a job that justifies her obsession with conditional formatting and overly colourful emails.

Sam Richardson
Junior Treasurer

For his third and final year and Imperial, Sam is delighted to be serving as treasurer, as it sees him able to combine two of his favourite things - musical Theatre and spending money. It was only after a painstaking conversation with George that he discovered the role also involves something called budgeting? This kind of isn't what he signed up for tbh.

Geraldine Satre-Buisson
Publicity Manager

Are you going to The Thingᵀᴹ? You should go to The Thingᵀᴹ! The Thingᵀᴹ is going to be great!!! Geraldine wants you to come to The Thingᵀᴹ. Before selling her soul to Imperial College in the hopes of levelling up to Dr Geraldine, PhD, Geraldine has tried to get people to come to Thingsᵀᴹ and Activitiesᵀᴹ and Fun Timesᵀᴹ for GKT MSA Musical Theatre, the French-Speaking Theatre Festival in Berlin and Dauphine Durable in Paris.

Luke Savin
Social Secretary

Luke has undoubtedly the most important and respected position in the committee, Social Secretary - or Master of Drink and Fun as he would prefer to be called. Having arrived at university 2 years ago, his passion for drinking has only grown, but he has also found side interests in musical theatre, ballet, and his degree.

Lotte Weerts

Weertsmaster (noun (fem) - dutch) -
One with abilities in web dev, Artificial Intelligence and cycling in heels. Characterised by a tendency to procrastinate her PhD by indulging in MTSoc performances.


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